Bakery Menu


Baked Fresh Daily Organic and Gluten Free Muffins!

Blueberry, Lemon Poppy, Banana Walnut and more!  Each day we feature 2 organic muffins and 2 gluten free muffins.  All are baked fresh daily.

Check out the menu below to see when your favorites are featured for the month of March:


  • Gluten Free:  Blueberry, Lemon Poppy
  • Organic:  Raspberry Lemon, Strawberry


  • Gluten Free:  Raspberry Lemon, Blueberry
  • Organic:  Blueberry, Morning Glory


  • Gluten Free:  Blueberry, Cranberry Orange
  • Organic:  Blueberry, Lemon Poppy


  • Gluten Free:  Blueberry, Raspberry Lemon
  • Organic:  Blueberry, Pumpkin Walnut Oat


  • Gluten Free:  Blueberry, Strawberry
  • Organic:  Raspberry Lemon, Banana Chocolate Chip


  • Gluten Free:  Raspberry Lemon, Pumpkin Walnut Oat
  • Organic:  Blueberry, Cranberry Orange


  • Gluten Free:  Blueberry, Chocolate Chip
  • Organic:  Blueberry, Morning Glory


Build your own custom Cake

Choose your cake size, choose your frosting, choose your filling.  Add extra fillings, flavors or fruits to customize further.

Please allow 3 days for custom cake orders. Contact Becky or Jeremy in the cafe with questions or to place your order (262) 232-8866.