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  • Hop Speaker Series: Sacred Trance for Spiritual Healing

    Host: Hop Harvest & Vine
    Fee: FREE

    There is a growing interest in our society about the failure of traditional treatments (both medical and psychologic) to effectively control depression, anxiety, PTSD, addiction, and other mental health problems. There is evidence that hallucinogens may be very effective for these problems, but they also have significant risks and side effects. I will discuss the various ways to access sacred trance, some of which are ancient (shamanic practices), some less so (meditation, trance dance, etc.), and some recent (Breathworks).

    I am a retired physician whose practice included Primary Care, Emergency Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Fibromyalgia, Clinical Research, and Pain Management; I was the Chair of the Department of Non-Interventional Pain for Advocate/Aurora Healthcare. I was part of a team that helped get fibromyalgia accepted as a legitimate illness, and I and one other doctor were primarily responsible for creating the WI Licensing Board's Opioid Guidelines, which dramatically reduced the rate at which pain patients became addicted to their pain medicines.

    I started serious meditating in 1992, did graduate work in Transpersonal Psychology (the psychology of spirituality and higher states of consciousness), have done two apprenticeships in Peruvian Shamanism, was on the Board of Directors of a national shamanic organization, have been doing Holotropic Breathworks for over 28 years, and am a Certified Breathworks facilitator